Interns For Homeschool Co-ops?

You'd better believe it!

Many college students majoring in childhood education and development would jump at the chance to put their training to work in exchange for "real world" experience and earn credit to boot!

Rather than hire an educator with a degree for any number of classes your co-op offers, why not hire those who are receiving "fresh" in-class training? Your students will greatly benefit, the interns will gain the experience they need to add to their resume, and you will be able to free up some of your resources to go towards other investments such as materials for your students, planned events and field trips, and holiday celebration preparations that are now approaching quickly!

Here's how to stay on the "legal" side of hiring interns:

Since co-ops consist of several families utilizing several people to teach various subjects, you can view and run your co-op as entrepreneurs run their businesses, thus treating it with a business respect. That being said, you can see just how to have the assistance of freshly trained educators to help educate your students!

Everybody wins!

These same academic-related strategies apply to daycare centers and preschools as well, so pass it along to help out a fellow-educator!

Let's make the 2011-2012 a smashing academic success for everybody!

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Additional School-Related Items & Info for Your Home School

To help you stay on top of your homeschool game, here are some additional resources to help you and your students do just that!

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Donna Young's Homeschool Planner & How To Plan

Homeschool Legal Defense

Home School Legal Defense

Homechool Networking Support Groups

Home School Networks (Search Results only to get a nationwide locations for those of you who are new to homeschooling)

Home School Support Groups - &

There are also Meet-Up. YahooGroups, and Google Groups you may like to consider joining. Just enter your location and the words "home school", "homeschool", and/or "homeschooling" plus your zip code.

Additional Resources & Home School

JumpStart (Virtual World Games, Pre-K thru 6th)

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Scholarship Money? Definitely check this out!

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Homeschool Search Engine (Seriously! Check it out.) - Tremendous resource and information source

If you have or know of any other homeschool-related information that will benefit homeschooling families, might you send me an email at, and I will definitely make sure you get the credit for sharing your homeschool-appropriate information.

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Curriculum Resources To Consider

Looking for some curricula for the 2011-2012 school year? Then I have some really good ones for you to check out!

General Subjects

Lesson Plan Depot - Free Lesson Plan Templates

EdHelper - Wide range of subjects, including foreign language ($19.99/yr for limited subjects & $39.98 for full curriculum access)

Lessonopoly - Manage your "classroom", free lesson plans in their library, and connect with teachers

Donna Young's - Homeschool resources and printables

Teacher's Network  - Lesson Plans

Discovery Education - Lesson Plan Library

The Lesson Plans Page & Hot Chalk - Talk about a "lot" of choices!

And editable (wiki-style) curriculum source, called Flexbooks! Covers high school-level math, science, and SAT prep (free)!

You should definitely be able to put together the most ideal curriculum for your homeschooling family's needs!

Share your thoughts and enjoy!



Fall 2011 Home School Days - Events, Museums & Theme Parks

If you're looking for adding tons of fun to your 2011-2012 homeschool year, then check out these fun and educational places that have set aside a special day just for you!

These are only the beginning. Check with your local support groups and theme park vendors for information.

Disney Homeschool Days

Homeschool Day at Magic Mountain
(Under Private Party Home School Day)

National Museum of the Air Force

Houston Space Center

Hawaiian Falls - Homeschool 2011 Splash Days

2011 Fall Homeschool Days - Rock City & Ruby Falls

Sea World Homesschool Day

California Science Center



For Homeschool Vendors & Speakers

As summer begins to draw to a close, many virtual and live homeschool expos, events, and conferences will soon be in session throughout the nation. If you have a product or service that will help homeschooling families and support groups, then now is a great time to connect with these organizations.

Here is a list worth checking out and connecting with:

If you learn of any other homeschooling events, conferences, expos, you may submit that information to Put EVENTS, CONFERENCES, & EXPOS in the title.

Thank you.


Are There Any FREE Expert-Level Business Strategies Still Out There?

You betcha, there is! And here's one you can see for yourself! Not only is the information rich, but you also get 3 local marketing downloables to boot!

Here are some sure fire actionable things you can do to help your local business and you can do this from home!

Finally! AUTHENTIC, expert-level business strategies you can model and really use!

So get out your pen and pad, grab your favorite beverage, and learn what "really works" with "real" businesses!

Enjoy and share your thoughts!


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Teen Business Summit - Watch Live August 22-24!

This is for all you entrepreneurial teens and would like to be entrepreneurs out there!

Mark your calendar for these following dates because beginning August 22-24, 2011, the Teen Business Forum is hosting its first ever business conference specifically for you! There is a dynamic list of speakers who will give you food for thought as well as inspire you to move into action by taking you from where you are right now to where you would like to be.

Check out this video that was made just for you:

Dynamic speakers include: Guy Kawasaki, Yanik Silver, Sarah Cook, Kevin Hall, Shonika Proctor, Scott Gerber, Rob Salkowitz, Matt Mickiewicz, Juliette Brindak, Ryan Blair, Ben Williams, Suhas Gopinath, and Roman Price.

It's free to sign up, so you don't want to miss this! Register today!

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Kids Can Have Successful Businesses Too!

If you have budding entrepreneurs at home, both encourage and help them get the income-generating ball start rolling. Whether it's art, sports, music, or a knack for fixing thing at early ages, you can (and should) nurture their innate talents as well as turn those natural talents into income streams.

"How can I do that?" you may think. You can start with turning their natural knowledge into ebooks or printed booklets that you can easily publish on You can also create a blog and help them write about their interests, as well as find comparable products on Clickbank that you can promote on their blogs. So when someone buys the product using your children's affliliate link, your children will earn commissions from the sale. Of course you as the parent will need to sign up for a Clickbank account on behalf of your kids.

Or you can do something similar to the child who is referenced to in this video, but substitute what's done in the video with your children's interests and skillset! Check it out:

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Teens Create Their Own Income Streams

While everybody else scratch for the same job at the same locations, there are others -- teenagers to be exact, who have decided they will create their own streams of incomes!

Check out this video that can put hope in the hearts of our young people and money in their wallets:

Whatever their (legal) passions and skills are, encourage your teens to just go for it! You and they will be so glad you did.


Great Business Visibility for Entrepreneurs

Of late my posts have been about kids and teens in business, but today this one is for the adult entrepreneurial breadwinner.

Mari Smith, a Facebook expert, shares how to get in front of and engage your target market. Check out her video and share your thoughts!



Homeschooling Is Definitely Mainstream

It always seemed s like to me that it was just a matter of time that it would happen.

Whether for negative reasons or positive, homeschooling is definitely mainstream and for good reasons too! The numbers continue to grow every year whether because families demand a higher level of educational and freedom or taking their kids out of horrible educational environments, the educational landscape has shifted very noticeably.

Check out these interesting articles that make you go, "Hmmm.....":

Why did you choose to home educate your family?

Might you share your thoughts?