Kids Can Have Successful Businesses Too!

If you have budding entrepreneurs at home, both encourage and help them get the income-generating ball start rolling. Whether it's art, sports, music, or a knack for fixing thing at early ages, you can (and should) nurture their innate talents as well as turn those natural talents into income streams.

"How can I do that?" you may think. You can start with turning their natural knowledge into ebooks or printed booklets that you can easily publish on You can also create a blog and help them write about their interests, as well as find comparable products on Clickbank that you can promote on their blogs. So when someone buys the product using your children's affliliate link, your children will earn commissions from the sale. Of course you as the parent will need to sign up for a Clickbank account on behalf of your kids.

Or you can do something similar to the child who is referenced to in this video, but substitute what's done in the video with your children's interests and skillset! Check it out:

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Lizette said...

This is an awesome site! It's about time I get these little sods to earn their keep! :-)

Tisha M. Silvers said...

Thanks, Lizette! "Little sods", that's too funny. ;~)