Teen Business Summit - Watch Live August 22-24!

This is for all you entrepreneurial teens and would like to be entrepreneurs out there!

Mark your calendar for these following dates because beginning August 22-24, 2011, the Teen Business Forum is hosting its first ever business conference specifically for you! There is a dynamic list of speakers who will give you food for thought as well as inspire you to move into action by taking you from where you are right now to where you would like to be.

Check out this video that was made just for you:

Dynamic speakers include: Guy Kawasaki, Yanik Silver, Sarah Cook, Kevin Hall, Shonika Proctor, Scott Gerber, Rob Salkowitz, Matt Mickiewicz, Juliette Brindak, Ryan Blair, Ben Williams, Suhas Gopinath, and Roman Price.

It's free to sign up, so you don't want to miss this! Register today!

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Jack said...

Thanks Tisha for blogging about the event. Yeah, it's going to be EPIC!

Tisha M. Silvers said...

The kids can hardly wait. Finally something just for "them"!