Interns For Homeschool Co-ops?

You'd better believe it!

Many college students majoring in childhood education and development would jump at the chance to put their training to work in exchange for "real world" experience and earn credit to boot!

Rather than hire an educator with a degree for any number of classes your co-op offers, why not hire those who are receiving "fresh" in-class training? Your students will greatly benefit, the interns will gain the experience they need to add to their resume, and you will be able to free up some of your resources to go towards other investments such as materials for your students, planned events and field trips, and holiday celebration preparations that are now approaching quickly!

Here's how to stay on the "legal" side of hiring interns:

Since co-ops consist of several families utilizing several people to teach various subjects, you can view and run your co-op as entrepreneurs run their businesses, thus treating it with a business respect. That being said, you can see just how to have the assistance of freshly trained educators to help educate your students!

Everybody wins!

These same academic-related strategies apply to daycare centers and preschools as well, so pass it along to help out a fellow-educator!

Let's make the 2011-2012 a smashing academic success for everybody!

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